Certified by IRI #19993 ACAC course Reg. #11010602

Complete Crawl Space Remediation and Waterproofing

Crawl spaces can be extremely toxic if not cared for properly. Most mold spores are soil based and will feed off porous building materials. Add it enough moisture and you could have a potential toxic mold hazard. The structural wood and foundation in your crawl space are 2 most important things to protect. The best way to protect these items is to control the moisture and cleanliness of your crawl space. You also may have a potential risk of spreading mold spores up into your living space. Just like attics, you may have an air handler or other utilities in your crawl space that will most certainly be affected by excessive moisture and elevated levels of mold spores. Clean, Dry and Efficient crawl spaces will most certainly have a tremendous effect on the living spaces above. Once the structure is dried out and properly remediated and encapsulated, we install a 6 Mil poly mesh re-enforced vapor barrier over the entire dirt floor and foundation walls, and finish with 3″ of closed cell spray foam insulation on the rim joist around the entire perimeter. This locks out cold air in the winter and moisture from entering the crawl space thus keeping it, cleaner, dryer and more energy efficient. A SITE VISIT IS NEEDED FOR PRICING

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